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                        Shenzhen Borxi Technology Co.,Ltd was found in 2003, expert on all cable & wire hardness processing solution. As a High-tech automation manufacturer specializing in OEM, R&D, production, sales and in-time tech support.

                        Our main products including terminal crimping machine, terminal machine, automatic & semi cutting machine, , stripping machine,Copper&silent cooper belt machine, skinning and beating machine, soldering machine, coaxial stripping machine, Pneumatic stripping machine, pneumatic peeling and twisting machine, computer Pipe machine, winding machine, strapping machine, tape banding machine, with accessories automatic wire feeder, wire collector machine, Crimping applicators, Tensile tester, terminal mold, blade and so on. With the fast development and higher requirement of cable wiring application market growth, our products widely use for automotive industry, home appliance, electronics, Medical, high speed-railway, communications,solar energy, New energy industry and more areas.

                        The wire harnessing industry has increasingly more demand for precise wire processing equipment and series. Our factory introducing advanced core technology from Japanese and Taiwan, meanwhile we have skillful & experienced team, R&D innovation, advanced equipment and strict quality control system. Since 2003, our products served all over the world Enterprises, with competitive price and stable performance, which improved them work efficiency and brought more benefit. You are very welcome to visit our factory, to have more communicate and cooperation.